Long Term Weight Loss Is Not Accomplished Through Fad Diets

Fad diets are so common and popular today, but that doesn’t mean they are effective. In essence, fad diets were invented and designed for people who are looking for lose weight the soonest time possible. While these diets can be effective in making a person lose weight dramatically, they are not really long term weight loss solutions. What usually happens is that anyone who practices a certain type of fad diet will experience or suffer from negative side effects. This is primarily because majority of fad diets will in fact significantly reduce and even restrict a person’s food choices. For […] Read more »

Minor Sprains & Strains: The “RICE” Approach

A sprain is defined as an injury in the ligament. A ligament meanwhile is a part of the body which is characterized as a fibrous tissue with thick and though properties. The ligament is there to connect bones together and keep them that way. When it comes to injuries, the most commonly injured ligaments are those that are found in the knee, ankle, and the wrist. Usually, the injury is caused by overstretching from the usual position and in most instances, minor sprains heal quickly. When there is too much force placed on the ligament, it will eventually be torn, […] Read more »

Prepare For Harsh Winter Temperatures

Large snowstorms, harsh winter temperatures, and extreme cold are fairly common in our part of the U.S. During the winter season, it is no secret people are exposed to several health risks, even injury. Frostbite and hypothermia are some of risks to be aware of.  Remember that these two aren’t minor issues. They can actually can kill a person! Temperatures can go low enough that everyone outside and even those inside their homes might develop cold weather related injuries. That’s why the American Red Cross in partnership with local authorities doesn’t fail to ask and instruct people to limit their […] Read more »