Health Links

What about information on the internet? Is that helpful to discuss with my doctor?

Any health concerns that you have should be discussed with your doctor or Family Nurse Practitioner. They will be able to let you know if the information you’ve found is appropriate for your own medical health.

Patient information regarding disease process, symptoms, testing and treatment can be found at:
Family Doctor
Mayo Clinic
Cleveland Clinic

Information about travel health, endemics and immunizations visit:

General health information for ensuring a healthy heart:
American Heart Association

Comprehensive information about diabetes:

To get targeted information about overall children’s health visit:
Kids Health
American Academy of Pediatrics
Immunization schedules
Ibuprofen dosing (only for 6months and older)
Tylenol dosing

Learn more about osteoporosis:

Questions about cancer can be researched at:

Get more information about our affiliated hospital:

To get more information of geriatric care: