Long Term Weight Loss Is Not Accomplished Through Fad Diets

Fad diets are so common and popular today, but that doesn’t mean they are effective. In essence, fad diets were invented and designed for people who are looking for lose weight the soonest time possible. While these diets can be effective in making a person lose weight dramatically, they are not really long term weight loss solutions. What usually happens is that anyone who practices a certain type of fad diet will experience or suffer from negative side effects. This is primarily because majority of fad diets will in fact significantly reduce and even restrict a person’s food choices. For instance, advocates of popular fad diets like cabbage soup or grapefruit advertise that the regimen can actually lead to eliminating and losing about five kilograms of weight in just one week. Yes, weight will disappear very fast. But the main problem is that the loss is mainly on essential fluids and nutrients that body needs.

In fad diets, there is a definite promise of losing weight fast, but are you really looking towards a long term weight loss success? It has to be pointed out that any fad diet is impractical. Most of them are not even nutritionally sufficient to provide the body what it needs. The weight loss effect therefore will easily be overshadowed by health problems. In fact, the lost weight will return as fast as it comes off and in many instances a person will gain more weight than what was lost.

Fad diets are simply not optimized for health and wellness.  Simply put, fad diets are not healthy. They’re not normal and they shouldn’t be falsely marketed as perfectly safe. If you’re not convinced, take a closer look at the three reasons why we’re saying it’s not healthy, then decide for yourself:

1 – Fad Diets Don’t Provide Long Term Food Counseling

To be fair, they are mostly designed for helping people lose weight quickly, and they are actually good at it. But even if people see the loss of weight in the quickest time possible as something very positive, they don’t realize it’s actually very dangerous. This is because most of these fad diets will only teach a person to shed extra weight and won’t tell you how to do it permanently or how to maintain the ideal weight for good. Of course, they can’t tell you how to maintain an ideal weight for a long time because they don’t promote complete and healthy eating in the first place.

2 – Fad Diets Are Risky

There are quite a few reasons why fad diets can be risky and dangerous. The concept of rapid weight loss is considered a great risk and may eventually result to conditions like dehydration, malnutrition, and the development of gallstones. Likewise, rapid weight loss is also attributed to health issues like fatigue, hair loss, and menstrual irregularities for women, headaches, and constipation.

3 – Frequent Feeling of Fatigue

One of the most obvious disadvantages of fad diets is that they promote the consumption low caloric food. Hence, your body is deprived of the essential energy source it needs to be normal and alive.

While fad diets may seem very popular and they may even help you drop those unwanted pounds, it is quite obvious that fad diets will not help your obtain a sustainable, long term & healthy way of eating for optimum weight loss & health. You should consult your family doctor for healthy methods in losing weight. Feel free to speak to us at Westgate Family Medicine, we can discuss the proper diet for your body type and specific medical needs.

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